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Satellite/Cable TV/OTT Network CBNN is coming to Europe, Asia, North America and Africa


CBNN, A part of Blake Broadcasting is now seen on Satellite, Cable and Digital in 400+ million homes in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa. 

CBNN and BBN will be offering daily international news with Bloomberg Media

BBN/CBNN Announces TV and Video Content Licensing Agreement With Bloomberg Media in Europe, Asia and North America


Blake Broadcasting Signs a Major Television Rights Deal With ESL and DreamHack in North America and Asia



CBNN will be adding shows made weekly by Greenlight TV featuring Auto Racing and Motocross


BBN and CBNN together are developing a number of news and television shows featuring BBN content


A European Television producer created 9 new weekly entertainment television programs for Blake Broadcasting


Blake Broadcasting is proud to announce that it has chosen Frankly Media to build out an extensive OTT channel and presence across numerous non-linear platforms for the CBNN Network. 

Blake Broadcasting teams up with Torque Esports and UMG for Overwatch, Rocket League and College Esports as well as

The Race All-Star Esports Battle motorsport series to be shown around the world”


Blake Broadcasting in cooperation with Frankly Media announces a new OTT site, Mobile APPs and numerous news Channel APPS


Frankly Media Launches Next Gen Broadcaster CBNN on Cloud Studio


Blake Broadcasting is working in cooperation with ESTV with Regard to NFL Alumni Tournaments and other exclusive ESTV Esports programming






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    We are grateful for all the important partners we work with everyday and we are also very grateful to the substantial list of advertisers that support our content and networks and are the basis for our continued success. Many (if not most) of the fortune 500 have advertised with us including such wonderful companies as Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Audi, McDonalds, Proctor and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, The Coca Cola Company, Pfizer, Merck, Microsoft, Apple, Universal Studios, MGM, Disney, AT&T, Verizon and many, many more.

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    Latest Announcements

    • Blake Broadcasting Signs A Major Television Rights Deal With ESL and Dreamhack In Asia and North America

      — Business Wire 12/17/2019 —
    • Blake Broadcasting/CBNN Announces TV and Video Content Licensing Agreement With Bloomberg Media In Europe, Asia and North America

      — Yahoo News 10/10/2019 —
    • Blake Broadcasting/CBNN Signs A Major Satellite Television Distribution Deal Throughout Europe, Asia and North America

      — Bloomberg News 10/02/2019 —
    • Blake Broadcasting Has Named Video Elephant As Its Exclusive Licensing Management Company In Europe, Asia and North America

      — PR Newswire 9/12/2019 —
    • Celebrity Wire has just announced a new update to CelebrityWire.com as well as additional new content. Check it out.

      — BBN Press —
    • Four new feeds are now live! including Fashion Wire, Sports Wire, White House Wire and Movie Trailer News

      — BBN Press —
    • Watch for our new unique site, App and Celebrity Social Media News Feed From ‘Socialebrity’ in early 2016

      — BBN Press —

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